4 Cool Colours to Consider to Rock in an Orange Cashmere Pashmina

Pashmina also known as cashmere pashmina are high-end woollen fabrics, is immensely popular in the western markets. Originated from Nepal, these shawls are also extensively available in Kashmir, Tibet and Mongolia.

Started as sudden rage in the mid-‘90s, pashminas are still in vogue. In fact, women of all ages love to adorn their outfits by taking a pashmina cashmere. So, if you are one of them, here are a few beneficial wardrobe hacks to get decked up with an orange pashmina.

Ah oh! Don’t freak!

Combining orange with different colours seems to be a daunting task. But fret not! Read further to unlock the amazing tricks for combining orange with a variety of shades.

Hack 1: Yellow

Create your sunshine with yellow and orange coving a bright appearance full of warmth and positivity.

For instance, wear a Caged Ruffle Cap Sleeve Top furnishing a chic look catering to all informal events. Give a tweak to the appearance by enfolding the orange shawl around the waistline.

However, if your occasion entails a bit of formal attire, slip on a pair of yellow Tie Front Trousers with a neutral coloured top. In this case, wrap the pashmina as a scarf around your neck.

Hack 2: Beige

A lighter shade of brown, beige brings out the balminess of orange seamlessly. In fact, fashion mongers prefer beige for its subtle yet smarter tone.

Lately, beige outfits with intricate meshwork are in trend. So get yourself a sophisticated beige ensemble to look chic and elegant at once.

Outfit suggestions:

  • Soutache Mesh Dress
  • Pissaro Nights Beaded & Embroidered Cocktail Dress

And give an icing on the cake, by draping the exquisite orange pashmina shawl wrap scarf like an open shawl.

Hack 3: Navy Blue

In 2018, navy is the new black and orange is the new red. So what is the wait for?

Get new looks every time you opt for this jaw-dropping combination.

Take for example, this asymmetric navy Athena Dress, perfect for those dinner dates with your beloved. Complete the look by taking an orange wrap like a neck scarf and shine like a dazzler.

Next, you can opt for is a body fitting Florence Dress flaunting your curves is an excellent choice for casual outings. However, if you have a knack towards a li’l tassel-kinda look, go for this Sleeveless Fringe Shirt and amplify the get-up with the pashmina shawl.

Hack 4: Lemon

Lemon coloured outfits look way too adorable when paired rightly with orange cashmere pashminas. However, you should keep in mind a small trivia to get it correct:

Try to buy lemon dresses with a solid black/white printed base.

For example, this cute Little Lemon Print Fit And Flare Dress. Look like a teenager, even in the twenties by donning this dress with your pashmina of an orange hue.

Hope these tricks mentioned above will serve the purpose to accessorise your various outfits with cashmere pashmina. So, what are you waiting for? Try ‘em all to look snappy and spectacular.