More than Just a Sleep Supplement? An Insight

Over the last few years, melatonin supplements are safely restoring to balance the body’s circadian rhythm. It helps to fight the battle of sleep disorders effectively. So, doctors often prescribe insomniac patients with melatonin for a better lifestyle.

However, due to various scientific researches, another significant side of køb melatonin comes into the picture. Apart from maintaining the circadian rhythm, melatonin also plays a ubiquitous role in promoting one’s immunity system.

Scientific research

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How does it work?

After carrying out several experiments a few decades ago, it was known this sleep hormone support immune system by treating an ulcer, IBD etc. So, when the secretion of melatonin decreases owing to age, a lot of people take melatonin for advancing their immunity.

Melatonin and NK cells

Natural Killer Cells or NK cells are a type of toxic lymphocytes critical to the human immune system. Therefore, individuals deficient in these cells become vulnerable to early phases of herpes virus infection.

So, people who have multiple sclerosis, lupus and viral infections to name a few see a deduction in the NK cells count. Here’s when melatonin is effective in regulating the NK cells dynamics without compromising the immune system.

Deters immunosenescence

Immunosenescence is a gradual process in every human’s life. With the pace of time, there’s a dearth of immature B-cells and also a decrease in peripheral T-cells.

So, for stimulating the production and growth of anti-aging cells, melatonin supplement provides excellent assistance.

Melatonin as a scavenger

Melatonin scavenges free radicals and helps in omitting oxidative stress.

Want to know the mechanism? Read further!

Melatonin is soluble both in water and fat. Thus, it can move effortlessly through the cell membranes removing free radicals. Moreover, the supplement also protects mitochondria and thus prevents mitochondrial DNA.

Lastly, melatonin supplements are of immense help in battling cancerous cells and the adverse effects vis a vis to radiation and chemotherapy.

Helps in treating IBD

Additionally, the presence of melatonin supplements helps in the therapeutic treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Patients suffering from chronic GI tract inflammation had shown a remarkably improved result when they relied on melatonin supplementation.

What are the constituents of melatonin?

Doctors always give the nod for herbal melatonin supplements having vital ingredients like chamomile flower extract, valerian root, calcium, magnesium etc. The major cause is, these supplements don’t display any side-effects helping the patients to stay hale and hearty.

How to take melatonin?

Both children and adults can consume melatonin through oral administration. The recommended dosage is 4mg per capsule to the maximum. Melatonin has no severe side side effects unlike prescription sleep aids.

Hope this insight is useful for you. However, take doctor’s advice before you take melatonin.