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We have 2 main sponsors of Almvig’s. We thank them most heatedly for there support this year and the next.


MARBLE for GORGEOUS and IMMACULATE Lifestyle Marble and Granite International LLC (MGI), enriches lives with World’s best Marble and Granite in most exquisite designs and materials. MGI takes pride in creating beautiful, stunning, and stylish products. Every item is one-of-a-kind because of design, natural veins, patterns, and texture.

MGI’s line of products include:

* Counter-tops
* Flooring-Medallion & Tiles
* Fireplace Mantels
* Pedestals (Short Columns)
* Tabletops
* Cabinets
* Glass Vanities
* Décor Items

Contact MGI through SLWG’s website and mention SLWG in your correspondence. You will get a 3% discount on your final purchase and MGI will give 2% to SLWG for each purchase made. The Web address is www.mgimarble.com.

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