Top 6 ways by which your Facebook fans can like your business page!

Have you set up your own Facebook Page? Well, now it is time to get ‘’likes’’ and ‘’comments’’ for your page.

Here are 6 fantastic ways!

  1. Upload photos and tag them:

This is one of the best and smartest ways to make sure that your profile gets noticed in the best manner.

  • You need to constantly upload images related to your business and work and make sure that people who are browsing your page get an idea regarding your team.
  • This will help people who are visiting this page initially to engage with the people associated with this page and know more about your business profile.
  • Make sure to tag photos of important people as you upload them. This will help in boosting of your Facebook page, and more people will get to notice it.
  • All of this will surely help in increasing your number of ‘’likes’’ on the Facebook page.

Facebook Fans

  1. Set up a customised tab at your Landing Page:

  • In case you have created special tabs, that would help in building of ‘’likes’’ in regards to your page, then make sure to get to the ‘’edit page’’ and check out ‘’manage permissions’’.
  • After this the tab can be set as your default landing page.
  • After this, the person who has liked your page, will be directed towards the customised tab, that will request people to like that page.
  • On an overall note, the viewing facility improves and number of ‘’likes’’ will increase in regards to this page.
  1. Comment on your page as your personal profile:

  • This new Facebook Page allows the concerned admin to use this page both as their personal profile and as a Page. So a person can keep switching back and forth on this page.
  • With this new feature where you will be able to put up comments on the business page but not merely as business. So, you will be able to comment on those pages that you administer, and they will be shared to your Facebook page, wherein you can share it and get feedback from your personal Facebook friends.
  • So in this way, you can introduce your specific brand to your Facebook friends and they can put in their comments and feedback’s and in this way, your page can gain more popularity.
  1. Update your Facebook Page frequently:

‘’Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever.’’ Daniel Goleman

  • Social media is all about connecting in the best possible manner. So make sure to keep your wall updated at least thrice a week.
  • With this frequent updating of your Facebook Page, your page will remain active and with time a particular interest group can also be created.
  • You can post a whole list of new launches, announcements or any other event that would help you in garnering more followers for your page.
  1. Buying of Facebook Likes:

  • There are specialised companies that allow you to buy Facebook likes and they specifically help business organisations generate more likes.
  • With greater number of likes, publicity of that site will increase.
  1. Addition of business pages or groups:

  • In this way, you can include more subscribers to your page and with help of that you can increase your publicity content.
  • You can also post short messages to invite your friends for specific occasions.

So, with these procedures you can improve visibility of your business page!

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